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NOAA’s Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary is one of thirteen national marine sanctuaries found throughout the United States. It is a federal agency under the U.S. Department of Commerce and has provided exceptional support toward our efforts. A primary reason for this support is that Kō‘ie‘ie Fishpond is located directly in front of the Sanctuary headquarters building and is a part of the Sanctuary’s boundaries. The fishpond’s location provides an exceptional opportunity for the Whale Sanctuary to build upon its education and cultural program.

Hui Mālama Loko I`a is a statewide group of Hawaiian fishpond practitioners and supporters. With over 100 members, our association learns from other fishponds and they in turn, learn from us as well. The Hui has visited Kō‘ie‘ie Fishpond several times and has used it as a training site to learn how to construct fishpond gates.

Maui’s schools and community organizations are also key partners for our project. For over a decade, Kamehameha School – Maui has been bringing their classes to the pond. In addition, community groups like Habitat for Humanity, Aloha House, youth centers and after-school programs, all join us at the pond. It is with their help, that we are able to maintain the fishpond’s walls.

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