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Restoration History

In ancient times, if a fishpond needed to be repaired, the entire community was summoned to do their share of work. It is estimated that Kō‘ie‘ie was built in the 1400’s. It’s first documented repair occurred in the late 1500’s when`Umi a Liloa ordered the repair of  three fishponds along Kula Kai, including Kō‘ie‘ie. During this time, the name of the area changed from Kō‘ie‘ie to “Kalepolepo” when a great cloud of dust rose up and hovered above due to the long lines of people who transferred rocks from mauka to makai. In the early to mid 1700’s, King Kekaulike repaired the same ponds and in the early 1800’s, Kamehameha the Great maintained it as well. In the 1840’s, under the direction of Gov. Hoapili, a penal colony did the last documented repair. It has been over 1.5 centuries since the fishponds of Kula Kai have had documented repairs and ‘Ao‘ao O Nā Loko I‘a O Maui is working with the community to revitalize it.


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