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Fishpond Recreation

Whether going for an early morning stroll, learning to snorkel, fishing for your family’s dinner or just for the fun of it, Ko`ie`ie provides the perfect recreational spot for the people of all ages. It is situated adjacent to the quaint county park of Kalepolepo, many `ohana (families) gather during the weekends to relzs and enjoy.

Youngsters just taking their first steps into the ocean, guided by the hand of their kupuna (grandparents), giggle as they feel the cool water. Energy setters start their day with a brisk walk along the shoreline just before the tide rolls in. Beginning snorkelers challenge themselves at figuring out how to keep the water out of their goggles. Fishermen cast their lines or nets to strategically catch their dinner. `Oama fishermen huddle shoulder to shoulder as they study the seasonal fish and hope for a bite.

These and many other recreational activities take place daily at Ko`ie`ie. Its shallow depth, protective wall and sandy shoreline provides the perfect spot for recreational users with all levels of experience.

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