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Fishpond Education

`Ao`ao O Na Loko I`a O Maui takes pride in being the protectors and caretakers of a fishpond, its life, its history and its meaning. To enable this culture and all its aspects to prosper, we must approach one’s learning environment creatively.

Therefore, we believe in hands-on activities for our visitors. In this meaningful manner visitors have the opportunity to taste, touch, smell, see and listen to the story Ko`ie`ie has to share. All five senses will unknowingly be infected with new knowledge. Whether by tasting freshly picked limu, letting their toes ooze into the sand, smelling the `ehukai (seabreeze), watching the `opio (baby fish) leap in unison or just listening to the soothing surf, Ko`ie`ie tells its story and we kokua (help).

We invite groups to learn traditional methods of passing rocks from ma uka to ma kai (upland to lowland), the concept of an ahupua`a (traditional land division from mountain to sea), the importance of kapu (taboo), as well as the ideas of lokahi (unity), laulima (cooperation), and to malama (care) for the `aina and kai (land and sea). It is through these hands-on activities that we feel we are able to help people grasp onto the mo`olelo of a living cultural treasure.

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