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Fishpond Culture

The Hawaiian culture plays an extremely important role within `Ao`ao O Na Loko I`a O Maui’s program. It provides the driving force of information and education.

As you walk into the area, you can almost hear Ko`ie`ie whispering to you its story about its past, its present and its future.

Our association strives to embrace the culture in every aspect imaginable. Oli (chants), mele (song), hula (dance), kani ka pila (playing music), wala`au (talking story) are all traditional ways in which we share our culture with others. By living culturally, we are able to perpetuate our culture effectively.

We strive to take people away from all the city lights, the hustle and bustle of the roadways. and return them back to the culture on which Hawai`i thrives. We embrace everyone with open arms and present opportunities for them to reflect on what has brought them to this place and more importantly, how they will return their experiences back to the earth. For it is only through utmost respect, discipline, understanding and unity that we will be able to hold on to our culture and give back to it what we have learned.

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