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Fishpond 5K Fun Run – Jan 2nd 2010

Ready…set…HOLO!!! Start the new year off right and help support `Ao`ao O Na Loko I`a O Maui and the revitalization of Ko`ie`ie Fishpond by participating in our upcoming fun run fundraiser. Just as the Hawaiian…
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Ko`ie`ie Fishpond Fun Run

Ko`ie`ie Fishpond Fun Run If you would like to join in on the festivities at the First Annual Ko`ie`ie Fishpond Fun Run on January 3rd at 7:00 a.m. in Kihei, then fill out the attached…
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Voyage to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

`Ao`ao O Na Loko I`a O Maui’s President, Kimokeo Kapahulehua and his crew completes an unprecedented canoe voyage to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Learn more about Kimokeo at 480 Miles in 73 Hours…
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