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Our Mission

“We value the importance of traditional Hawaiian fishponds. We believe in revitalizing and preserving Ko`ie`ie Loko I`a for future generations to enjoy its historical, cultural, archaeological, educational and recreational purposes.”

The short term goal of `Ao`ao O Na Loko I`a O Maui is to restore Ko`ie`ie Loko I`a’s rock wall. During this process, the community is involved and has the opportunity to learn valuable lessons in the Hawaiian culture and marine science. The wall is a tangible tool that allows people to use their senses and interact with the pond.

In the long term, the association sees Ko`ie`ie as an outdoor living classroom. It has many invaluable lessons that can be taught from the Hawaiian culture, to reef restoration, to Hawaiian aquaculture and much more. The educational benefits article critique of the fishpond’s restoration will benefit all from the smallest keiki (kids) to the kupuna (elders).

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