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Our Mission

“We value the importance of traditional Hawaiian fishponds. We believe in revitalizing and preserving Kō‘ie‘ie Fishpond for future generations to enjoy its historical, cultural, archaeological, educational and recreational purposes.”

One of the main programs of ‘Ao‘ao O Nā Loko I‘a O Maui is to rebuild and maintain Kō‘ie‘ie Fishpond. Our community has been instrumental in assisting with this work as they help replace rocks that have fallen and rocks that have been uncovered after the sand shifts within the pond. In addition, over the years, we have had trained masons skillfully rebuild and maintain all sections of the wall.

Another major program of our Association is education. We value Kō‘ie‘ie as an outdoor living classroom where individuals, school groups and community organizations can gain a better understanding and awareness of the value of Hawaiian fishponds within our Hawaiian culture and environment. We host numerous groups throughout the year who not only participate in fishpond restoration but also learn mo‘olelo (stories) and environmental and cultural history about this ancient fishpond.

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