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Board Members and Staff

Kimokeo Kapahulehua Treasurer President: Kimokeo Kapahulehua is and has been the driving force of ‘Ao‘ao O Nā Loko I‘a O Maui since 2000. He is a highly respected Native Hawaiian practitioner and leader in the local community and is admired for his tireless efforts to educate Maui’s youth, care for our environment and perpetuate our Hawaiian culture.


Kimokeo Kapahulehua PresidentVice President:  David Mackwell  has been a board member since 2003. Mr. Mackwell’s interest in caring for Kō‘ie‘ie began in 1997 when he became concerned about extraordinarily large algal blooms affecting the fishpond and South Maui shoreline. He served as Chairman of Mayor Apana’s Seaweed Taskforce and helped guide invasive seaweed control efforts in South Maui. He has also volunteered with the Maui Coastal Land Trust and Kīhei Community Association.


Ellen Federoff, SecretarySecretary: Ellen Federoff works with Kīhei Charter School and has been a strong supporter of our fishpond project for years. She often brings her students to the pond to study its environment, marine life and to share the Hawaiian cutlure. Ellen joined the Board of Directors of ‘Ao‘ao O Nā Loko I‘a O Maui in 2019 and helps our non-profit expand our education programs.


Kimokeo Kapahulehua PresidentAdvisor: Brenda Asuncion works with Kua‘āina Ulu ‘Auamo (KUA) and currently facilitates a statewide network of fishpond stewardship organizations and practitioners known as Hui Mālama Loko I‘a. She empowered the Hui to visit fishponds statewide, including Kō‘ie‘ie in May 2014 and August 2015 where the Hui helped restore portions of our fishpond’s wall and installed the first mākāhā (sluice gate). In December 2015, Brenda was welcomed on to the Board of Directors of ‘Ao‘ao O Nā Loko I‘a O Maui for her experience and knowledge about fishponds and her ability to partner with other fishponds statewide and now serves as an advisor to the board.

Kimokeo Kapahulehua PresidentExecutive Director:  Joylynn Paman has spearheaded operations of ‘Ao‘ao O Nā Loko I‘a O Maui in this director capacity since 2008.  She has been a devoted volunteer for this organization since 1997 and has served as its vice president for four years during this time. Throughout her career, Joylynn has integrated her passion for the Hawaiian culture, its traditions, practices and language with her love for the marine environment.  In 1998, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and has worked in related environmental fields and environmental/cultural education ever since.


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